Sonntag, 14. November 2004

14. November 2004 15:33:59 MEZ

Update: urb.antville is up again

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Freitag, 30. Juli 2004

30. Juli 2004 09:42:02 MESZ

Why CSS skinning makes sense

With the new "layout switching" feature of antville 1.1 we can switch different single skins or have a complete redesign of the blog within a few secondes. What did not change - for worse - is, that the default skins are not 'open' to CSS customization after all.

Last year i started an experiment: changed the original antville skins to a skinset, that follows the 'MovableType' format rather closely. As a result, you could change the whole blog-appearance with a single click (in the example) to a different look+layout - simply applying a different stylesheet.

look + click the buttons:

I propose to support this feature within the new too - we don't need to take the MT skins, we could do it with our own skinset. But the overall skin composition has to change - completely.

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Dienstag, 27. Juli 2004

27. Juli 2004 11:33:03 MESZ

New skinning - test-it !

howto apply the "mms"-layout to your own blog:

  • download this file (mms_download (application/zip, 8 KB) ) to your local harddisk (its name should be "")
  • enter the new skins preview site at: {...your_blog_name...}
  • select the " The layout of" radiobutton
  • "browse" to the just downloaded skin file ("") on your hd (file upload field)
  • hit the "Import" button

a new layout is ready in the "Layouts" listing now

  • set the new layout active

** enjoy!

Update: changed the import-link name

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Sonntag, 1. Juni 2003

1. Juni 2003 23:45:04 MESZ

CSS Switch

Switch to your favorite stylesheet...

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1. Juni 2003 14:00:40 MESZ


Basic layout
      This skin defines the layout of top-level comments.
      This skin defines how replies to comments are displayed.
    form for creating/editing a comment
      This skin contains the form for adding a top-level comment
      or a reply to a comment.
      This skin shows the form to be used for voting a poll.
      This skin shows the overall results of a poll.
    choice form
      This skin contains the form part for a single choice.
    choice result
      Edit this skin to layout a single result for one choice of the poll.
    choice graph
      This skin is used to visualize the result of a single choice.
      This skin defines the way files are displayed when embedded
      in a story or comment using the <% file %> macro.
"Recently modified" box
      This skin defines the layout of the login form.
      Whenever a user wants to register to Antville via your weblog,
      this skin will be used to display the appropriate form.
Confirmation mails
      When a user registers via your weblog, a mail containing this body
      will be sent as confirmation.
      Whenever you or another admin of your weblog changes the status of
      a signed up member, this member will receive a confirmation mail.
      This skin defines the mail body of it.
Navigation skins
Editor skins
    form for creating/editing a story
      This is the form used for creating a new, or editing an existing
      This skin contains the form for uploading a new image.
    image editor
      This skin contains the form for editing an already uploaded image.
    profile editor
      contains the form used for changing the profile of a user.
    poll editor
      This skin displays the form for creating and editing a poll.
    choice editor
      This skin is used as form element for editing a single choice of
      a poll.
Previews and lists
    image view
      This skin is used to display an image with its name and description.
      This skin is used to display the list of images contained in
      the image manager.
    image preview
      This skin defines the way an image is displayed in the image
      manager's list of images.
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1. Juni 2003 13:16:33 MESZ

Hong Kong

Hong Kong - Mein Hong Kong Tagebuch

Christian (krif) aus Jena ist als Austauschstudent in HongKong und berichtet seit Feber aus der Stadt.

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1. Juni 2003 12:41:31 MESZ



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das wars soweit für eine "stille" erste Seite - jetzt noch eine TODO Liste schreiben...

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